Saturday, May 7, 2011

Wow I haven't posted here for ages as once again I was letting my life get out of control & drinking way to much yet again & getting nasty at times towards my Grandy after having imbibed too many Scotches. So I've decided to give drinking a rest for awhile. I'm still smoking some pot as that helps me sleep & calms me down.

 There have been alot of bad things that I have experianced since my last post which I will only go into breifly here at the moment until I can give it the time to write & honesty it deserves.
 First of all at the start of December last year (2010) I was indecently assaulted by a taxi driver who was taking me home very early in the morning when I was blind drunk. I went to the police & gave a statement & it was pretty humiliating actually as I had to admit how drunk I was & the fact that I can't remember that much about what happened.
 Well that gave me a bit of courage to go to the Child Abuse Unit & give them a statement about what my Army Cadet Instructor did to me when I was 14 only to find out that he's currently in Court in an almost identical matter to mine & I have to wait for the outcome on that case before the Police proceed in charging him in relation to my matter.
 It hasn't been an easy few months

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