Friday, May 28, 2010

Another Chapter

Saw my psychiatrist the other day, see her next week too. I'm sick to death of what the dirty old man on whom I have a Violence Restraning Order against. He is such a fucking pervert & losing his marbles. I have to go back to Court on the 11th June to get the protection order varied so he cant come anywhere near me without being arrested. He used to be my next door neighbour but he doesn't live there anymore after being evicted because of this. He has so far breached the order twice & been arrested & charged, he now has a criminal record. The last breach was on the 19th ofMay when he doesnt even live next door anymore. He caught a taxi from his house to mine which is a distance of about 30kms away to bash on my door & try to get into my unit at 11:30 at night. Fucking arsehole woke me up. Well the police took him away again & arrested him but now that I want the order varied he has to be in court at the same time! I have it orgainized so its being done by video link. I & my witness will be in District Court while he will be acroos the road in Magistrates Court. I just want him to leave me the fuck alone. The lawyer I spoke to said he cannot see why the Magistrate wouldn't set a distance between 100-200 mtrs which is much better than the current 10mtrs! Lawyer thinks I have an extremely strong case. Here's hoping as Im sick of having to deal with all this shit & I just want it to be over.
So I'm just going to try & have a quiet day today if possible. Grandys gone for a walk to do some shopping which is great for his rehabilitation as well as preperation for his next operaton.

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